Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

Web3 is the new generation of the internet that promises a decentralized financial services network. A patchwork of on-ramps, off-ramps, e-money wallets, centralized and decentralized exchanges have emerged making it difficult to navigate for financial institutions. CoinFX is the world’s first international stablecoin settlement network, governed by sixty-one founders, executives, and venture capital firms on four continents and the CFX Labs core team. The members of CoinFX have previously built mission critical banking, fintech, payment, and exchange infrastructure that power the global crypto economy. CoinFX provides 190 institutional-grade, regulatory compliant, local-currency stablecoins, backed by US dollars, on high performance blockchains for integration into accounting, payroll and merchant processing systems. The core protocol uses advanced financial mathematics to allow algorithmic trading to stabilize the token prices.

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