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The inaugural 2021 DeepTechU Conference showcased 48 investor-ready companies in the following industry tracks: energy, hardware/software, industrial, and life sciences. Of the 48 companies presenting at DeepTechU, 85% have already raised seed funding and 15% have raised Series A funding and beyond. View the complete list of Investor Insights for a summary of the deep tech companies that presented.

Schedule 1:1 Meetings with DeepTechU Companies: If you would like to connect with any of the presenting companies, you can view the office hours calendar via Airtable and click on the "Connect" button. This will allow you to send an email to a company representative to schedule a follow-up meeting. Ventures without defined office hours can be reached in the "All Ventures Gallery" below:

Note: Availablity on the office hours calendar does not guarantee an appointment. It is the responsibility of the investor and the company to jointly confirm availability and schedule a follow-up meeting together.


Active Energy Systems
is an energy storage company that uses renewable energy to make ice, so that when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, ice can be used to cool buildings instead of running power-hungry compressors. (Innovation Crossroads at Oak Ridge National Laboratory). Learn more >>

Caporus Technologies has developed a technology that provides performance improvements in energy storage capacity, operating temperature, and stability that translate to more compact devices with higher reliability and efficiency (Chain Reaction Innovations at Argonne National Laboratory). Learn more >>

Darcy Solutions significantly improves the financial attractiveness and operational feasibility of geothermal/groundsource heating and cooling, enabling commercial and residential building owners to meet increasingly challenging carbon emissions and energy efficiency goals while reducing their heating and cooling costs 60-70% (University of Minnesota). Learn more >>

Electro-Active Technologies utilizes an advanced microbial and electrochemical process to efficiently degrade organic wastes into electrons and protons to produce renewable hydrogen (Innovation Crossroads at Oak Ridge National Laboratory). Learn more >>

Eonix has developed an unparalleled empirically derived understanding of electrolyte stability in varying materials systems (Innovation Crossroads at Oak Ridge National Laboratory). Learn more >>

Ion Storage Systems (ISS) is focused on developing the most energy dense and safest batteries that can be deployed in any environment. This startup recently closed an $8M investment round led by Alsop Louie Partners (University of Maryland). Learn more >>

Iris Light Technologies embeds hundreds of lasers directly onto silicon ‘light chips’, enabling a 1000x increase in Cloud data transmission at a fraction of today’s cost per bit (Chain Reaction Innovations at Argonne National Laboratory / Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Chicago). Learn more >>

RenewCO2 developed an electrochemical process that converts CO2 to plastic precursors and other value-added chemicals conventionally produced from fossil resources (Rutgers University). Learn more >>

Volexion drives comprehensive performance improvement, including >35% energy density increase, >30% battery cost reduction, and moving the battery industry 10-years forward. Volexion is the developer of a graphene coating for lithium-ion batteries that dramatically increases energy and power density, as well as cycle life and safety. In April 2021, they announced the closing of the $1.1 million first tranche of its $2.2 million seed financing led by leading climate tech venture capital firms Clean Energy Ventures and Energy Foundry. (Northwestern University). Learn more >>


AirV Labs
develops interactive mixed reality (IMR) environments to transpose learners to educational settings where anyone who wants to learn new skills can do so without having to visit specialized centers at a major university or an institute (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). Learn more >>

Axion Technologies developed a Quantum Random Number Generator (QRNG) for use in massively parallel computers, e.g. High Performance Computers (HPCs) (Chain Reaction Innovations at Argonne National Laboratory). Learn more >>

Ghostwave radars utilize a patented, pseudo-random radio frequency generator to solve the problems presented by other methods (Ohio State University). Learn more >>

KeyWise AI is a smartphone software company that has a solution to measure brain function from individual's keyboard dynamics (University of Illinois at Chicago). Learn more >>

Lux Semiconductors has a patent pending System-on-Foil platform, which integrates printed electronics with high-speed silicon circuitry, all fully patterned directly on a flexible silicon substrate (Innovation Crossroads at Oak Ridge National Laboratory). Learn more >>

SkyNano Technologies is focused on a low-cost manufacturing technique of high value carbon materials, using only inexpensive materials, electricity, and carbon dioxide as direct inputs (Innovation Crossroads at Oak Ridge National Laboratory). Learn more >>

VisiSonics specializes in acoustic visualization hardware and physics-based spatial audio software (University of Maryland). Learn more >>



creates multi-mission vehicles that can make a big social impact (University of Maryland). Learn more >>

Claros Technologies is an advanced materials company that strives to lead the industry towards a holistic approach in materials design and innovation to enable the development of more efficient, safe and sustainable products with zero toxic waste (University of Minnesota). Learn more >>

CounterFlow Technologies provides unique, highly efficient spray nozzles for use in a wide variety of spray markets (University of Minnesota). Learn more >>

Drone Amplified has developed drone-mounted technology that carries chemical spheres the size of ping-pong balls, which drop and ignite at the press of a button to intentionally spark small fires that burn vegetation and starve incoming wildfires of potential fuel (University of Nebraska). Learn more >>

N5 Sensors has a mission is to provide access to easy detection of toxic gases via sensor technologies and products (University of Maryland). Learn more >>

NanoPattern Technologies (NPT) is commercializing a quantum dot ink that enables the manufacturing of the next generation of energy efficient, bright, and fast refresh rate displays (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>

NUMiX Materials develops, produces, and deploys efficient, geomimetic materials for harvesting critical metals from nontraditional sources. Its products and process recover salable metals while purifying water, eliminating contamination, and reducing water treatment waste (Chain Reaction Innovations at Argonne National Laboratory). Learn more >>

PathOtrak has a mission to eliminate food safety risks in the food industry by delivering the right technologies at the right price, technologies that will save costs for producers, time for food-safety labs, and most importantly, technologies that will save lives (University of Maryland). Learn more >>

Persea Naturals has developed AvoColor, a yellow-red food color additive that addresses the growing natural food color need of food manufacturers (Penn State University). Learn more >>

Sironix Renewables has developed a better-performing, eco-friendly ingredient for cleaning and personal care products that has 500x better performance in hard water conditions (University of Minnesota). Learn more >>

spotLESS Materials is developing non-fouling and easy-clean surface coating products to address “sticky problems” that span industries (Penn State University). Learn more >>

Stemloop is developing a platform for inexpensive and rapid detection of pathogens and heavy metals in water (Chain Reaction Innovations at Argonne National Laboratory). Learn more >>

SubUAS is a preeminent designer, developer, and manufacturer of autonomous aerial and underwater vehicles, which has developed a drone that operates both in the air and underwater (Rutgers University)Learn more >>



AddGraft Therapeutics has developed a revolutionary gene delivery platform that, through a onetime treatment, will effectively cure substance abuse in addicts. AddGraft’s treatment is long lasting, minimally invasive and unlike other treatments, has very low toxicity and is easy for patients to use and adhere to. (The University of Chicago)Learn more >>

Adipo Therapeutics is supporting millions of obese people living with diabetes is to transform the management of their disease by changing energy-storing white fat into energy-burning brown fat (Purdue University). Learn more >>

Akanocure is a drug development company with a focus on orphan and unmet needs in oncology (Purdue University)Learn more >>

Arrow Immune is developing next-generation biologics for immuno-oncology in solid tumors (The University of Chicago)Learn more >>

Ciscovery Bio is a biotech startup specialized in the discovery and commercialization of non-coding biomarkers for drug discovery and precision medicine (Rutgers University)Learn more >>

Core Quantum Technologies develops micelle-encapsulated nanocrystals that provide unblinking and long-lasting insight into nanoscale activity. Improving the quality of your data, so you can improve the quality of human life (Ohio State University)Learn more >>

Eikonoklastes is advancing a new generation of tissue factor (TF) immunotherapies – therapeutics designed to target the cell surface receptor now known to be prevalent on key components of the tumor microenvironment (Ohio State University)Learn more >>

Epicrop Technologies is a new company that has developed epigenetic breeding methods, which improve plant yields and stress tolerances and are applicable to all plant species (University of Nebraska)Learn more >>

is developing early, precise and cost-effective diagnostic tools for neurodegenerative diseases by combining patented DNA nanotechnology with artificial intelligence (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>

GRIP Molecular is developing single-use biosensor sand mobile apps to provide consumers highly accurate and comprehensive medical diagnostic information in minutes, anytime and anywhere (University of Minnesota)Learn more >>

Krishi is developing diagnostic sensors for bOVinE Respiratory disease (Purdue University)Learn more >>

LiveBx is developing a new generation of multi-modal, multi-photon imaging platforms for profiling biological microenvironments (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)Learn more >>

Notitia Biotechnologies is a microbiome-targeted biotherapeutic company that leverages data from the gut microbiome to develop therapies and products focused on the ecological restoration of the gut ecosystem (Rutgers University)Learn more >>

NovoClade is developing state of the art chemical free insect control solutions that are incredibly safe for the environment, yet very effective. NovoClade’s products are genome-edited eggs that will be put into areas infested with undesirable insects (University of Minnesota)Learn more >>

Novosteo was founded to reduce the morbidity, mortality and loss of productivity associated with bone fractures (Purdue University). Learn more >>

ReAx Biotechnologies uses breakthrough technology to allow researchers to identify new targets for pharmaceuticals (University of Chicago)Learn more >>

Respana is developing a novel antibody therapeutic that treats patients who have an excessive immune response to the influenza virus by mitigating the destructive effects to the lungs and increasing the patients’ survival. Targeting the SP-A receptor, SPR210s on macrophages (Penn State University)Learn more >>

Synbiotic Health is developing the highest quality Synergistic Synbiotics™—mixtures of probiotics and prebiotics—that modulate the microbiome to provide consistent health benefits, as supported by clinical evidence (University of Nebraska)Learn more >>

Virtual Incision is reimagining robotic support for minimally invasive (MIS) procedures with simple innovations offering mobility, flexibility, and accessibility to provide MIS options to more patients (University of Nebraska)Learn more >>