DeepTechU Conference returns for 2022 and will showcase 50 investor-ready companies in the following industry tracks: energy, hardware/softwareindustrial, life sciences, and physical science/sustainability.



  • Accelerate Wind is to working to revolutionize rooftop wind energy in the commercial and industrial space and drastically lower the cost of small wind turbine technology (Argonne National Laboratory). Learn more >>
  • C-Motive is reinventing the electric motor based on the principle of electrostatic forces (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation). Learn more >>
  • Eonix develops high-performance electrolytes for battery cells by utilizing a proprietary rapid material development system (Oak Ridge National Laboratory). Learn more >>
  • Influit Energy utilizes earth abundant materials in a water-based fluid creating the world’s first high energy density nanofluid flow battery (Illinois Institute of Technology). Learn more >>
  • Margik produces materials for the emitting portion of the organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) to improve device stability, efficiency, and lifetime (Argonne National Laboratory). Learn more >>
  • Resynergi manufactures continuous microwave-assisted pyrolysis (CMAP) systems which use microwave (RF) energy and catalytic processing to quickly convert waste plastics into hydrocarbon products, including diesel and naphtha (University of Minnesota). Learn more >>
  • Stemloop is developing a platform for inexpensive and rapid detection of pathogens and heavy metals in water (Argonne National Laboratory). Learn more >>
  • Stoicheia uses a unique combination of proprietary ultrahigh-throughput experimentation technology and AI to advance the discovery of new materials that can impact the trillion dollar automotive, chemical, oil, and clean energy industries (Northwestern University). Learn more >>
  • TERRACOH has a suite of technologies that are particularly well-suited to transition/leverage the oil and gas workforce to a renewable future.(University of Minnesota). Learn more >>
  • Virtus Solis Technologies provides clean, low-cost renewable energy that directly supplants primary energy production for all terrestrial uses and eventually even extra-terrestrial (Lawrence Technological University). Learn more >>



  • 10xAR is developing an all-day wearable Augmented Reality headset using unique custom silicon (Purdue University). Learn more >>
  • Axion Technologies is a hardware company that provides quantum random number generators that are made to plug into high-performance computers (University of Michigan, Chain Reaction Innovations at Argonne National Laboratory, and Duality). Learn more >>
  • CoinFX is the world’s first international stablecoin settlement network, governed by sixty-one founders, executives, and venture capital firms on four continents and the CFX Labs core team (Illinois Institute of Technology). Learn more >>
  • DynamiQ is developing quantum-based security solutions for low-resource platforms (Washington University in St. Louis). Learn more >>
  • Fertility Basics accesses a complex algorithm for the diagnosis and treatment of an individual’s infertility (Illinois University at Chicago). Learn more >>
  • GhostWave develops radars designed to detect and avoid collisions of multiple radars (Ohio State University). Learn more >>
  • Great Lakes Crystal Technologies aims to be the leading provider of advanced single crystal diamond materials for non-gemstone applications (Michigan State University, Lawrence Technological University, and Duality). Learn more >>
  • Lismikro is developing control and readout electronics for scaling toward million-qubit computing systems (Fermi National Laboratory Accelerator). Learn more >>
  • memQ is developing an integrated quantum photonics platform that will enable quantum communication between computers at distances orders of magnitude greater than what is available today (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • Ohmic is a Montreal-based technology startup with the goal of enabling biometric sensing and interfacing using in-ear technologies (Rutgers University). Learn more >>
  • qBraid is developing a cloud-based platform for managed access to other quantum computing software and hardware (Duality). Learn more >>
  • QuantCAD can simulate the effect of quantum noise and other environmental variables on devices such as quantum sensors or quantum computers. With this information, quantum engineers can design and manufacture effective devices (Duality). Learn more >>
  • Quantopticon is developing simulation software for designing and optimizing quantum photonic devices (Duality). Learn more >>
  • Simsi provides the only risk terrain modeling software to diagnose crime patterns, prioritize places in need, and coordinate resources for prevention (Rutgers University). Learn more >>



  • Låkril Technologies catalyzes sustainability in chemical processes through sales of acrylics and licensing of related catalyst and process technology (University of Minnesota). Learn more >>
  • MFNS Tech leverages tailored properties of Multi-Functional Nano Structures (MFNS) to provide economic, efficient and eco-friendly solutions to emerging challenges in the environment (Northwestern University). Learn more >>
  • Titan Bioworks is developing advanced materials based on titan, a protein from animal muscle responsible for contraction (Washington University in St. Louis). Learn more >>




  • 4SR Biosciences has developed an approach to generate libraries for next-generation sequencing focused on capturing the biology of tRNA (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • Alnair Therapeutics is creating a novel lactate-inducible drug release platform to deliver drug specifically to tumor sites for cancer treatment (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • Amplified Sciences is a life science diagnostics company focused on accurately detecting and pre-empting the risks of debilitating diseases (Purdue University). Learn more >>
  • Anapneo Therapeutics develops novel agents for sleep apnea, a disorder for which the standard of care is often poorly tolerated and for which no pharmacotherapies are FDA-approved (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • Cayuga Biotech is a platform biotechnology company harnessing biomimetic polyphosphate to address pressing unmet needs in human health (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign). Learn more >>
  • Ciscovery Bio is a non-coding genomics company for discover cis-regulatory modules (CRMs), the major class of functional DNA elements in the non-coding genome, and develop applications of CRMs for improving human health (Rutgers University). Learn more >> 
  • Cogen Bioscience is developing a tumor-antigen-directed platform of products for cancer-specific imaging and detection (Ohio State University). Learn more >>
  • Concilio has developed a nanoparticle platform that effectively delivers therapeutic nucleotides to cells of interest to more effectively treat cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • Confluence Pharmaceuticals works is to advance all research in Autism and Fragile X Syndrome and bring to market a solution that treats core social and communication impairments (Indiana University). Learn more >>
  • Dimension Inx is a biomaterials platform company that designs and develops 3D-printed therapeutic products that restore tissue and organ function (Illinois Institute of Technology). Learn more >>
  • FLOW Medical is developing a multi-function catheter to help diagnose and treat venous thromboembolic disease while maximizing functionality, optimizing safety, and minimizing complexity (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • HeioThera is developing a therapeutic platform technology to treat autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • INOFFA Therapeutics is focused on the rejuvenation of the ovary using human bone marrow Mesenchymal stem cells (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • Inomagen Therapeutics is a biotechnology company pioneering a revolutionary gene therapy and first in class medical device in order to improve the treatment of atrial fibrillation (Northwestern University). Learn more >>
  • Novilytic is a biochemistry analytics company that protects and secures lifesaving drugs and medical devices (Purdue University). Learn more >>
  • NovoClade is developing state-of-the-art SMART solutions for chemical-free insect control. Their first product is for the control of fruit fly spotted wing drosophila, which has been causing wide scale damage to soft fruits (University of Minnesota). Learn more >>
  • OrisDX is developing a molecular biomarker next-generation sequencing-based, low-cost, rapid, and accurate test aimed at detecting DNA mutations in the saliva for testing and screening of oral cancer (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • Prenosis is a biotech company that makes artificial intelligence-powered products to detect sepsis and other critical acute conditions (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign). Learn more >>
  • Riptide Therapeutics is working to develop a new, first-in-class, targeted covalent inhibitor (TCI) of telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • Sensona delivers a novel light-based technology that allows the completion of a standard real-time PCR reaction in two minutes (Illinois Institute of Technology). Learn more >>
  • Sparsity has developed a generalizable and protectable platform for ecosystem-scale synthetic biology with extensive applications to pharma, biotech, and environmental remediation by combining next-generation sequencing, multiplexed culturomics, and statistical learning (The University of Chicago). Learn more >>
  • Vascugen is dedicated to revolutionizing the standard of care for millions of patients suffering from severe conditions caused by restricted blood flow to tissues, particularly for diabetic patients at high risk for limb amputation and associated morbidity (Indiana University). Learn more >>




  • TRACER measures groundwater “ages”, i.e., residence times, by measuring the radio-krypton present in a water sample that can reveal the dynamics within the aquifer and of intruding waters to determine sustainability and resource management practices (Argonne National Laboratory). Learn more >>