Active Energy Systems

Innovation Crossroads at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Active Energy Systems is an energy storage company working to address the missing link between renewable power and a decarbonized grid. The idea is to use renewable energy to make ice, so that when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing, ice can be used to cool buildings instead of running power-hungry compressors. Thanks to our innovation in Icephobic Heat Exchange (IHEX), our ice storage solution will be affordable and efficient, addressing the two weaknesses of existing ice storage that prevent its widespread adoption.


Mitchell Ishmael, CTO (DeepTechU Presenter)

Mitchell Ishmael cofounded Active Energy Systems with Levon Atoyan in 2017 to make building air conditioning more cost-effective and sustainable through advanced thermal energy storage technology. Active Energy participated in the inaugural cohort of Innovation Crossroads at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.