Ciscovery Bio

Rutgers University

Ciscovery Bio is a biotech startup specialized in the discovery and commercialization of non-coding biomarkers for drug discovery and precision medicine. Non-coding biomarkers are considered the “next-gen” class of biomarkers, made possible due to the evolution of high-throughput technologies and bioinformatics. Specifically, Ciscovery is systematically and experimentally identifying gene regulatory elements at genome-scale in an unbiased manner, not only for in vitro drug screening and identification of patient-specific functional variants, but also as essential elements for gene therapy.

Joonyul Kim, CEO, has five years of experience in managing Proximity Biosciences (an aptamer discovery company) as a founder CEO before starting Ciscovery Bio. While at the company, he received multiple federal/state grant fundings including NSF STTR Phase I, and made research contracts with drug discovery companies. He published multiple scientific publications in the area of bioanalytical chemistry during his postdoctoral training before starting his entrepreneurial career.

Jongmin Nam, Chief Scientific Officer, is passionate about identifying cis-regulatory modules (CRMs) and using CRMs to understand the structure and function of gene regulatory networks. While at academia, Nam has been focusing on developing high-throughput methods for CRM discovery and characterization. Throughout my career, he has pioneered the use of barcoded reporters for high-throughput CRM discovery in sea urchin embryos. As an independent PI, his lab developed new methods for genome-scale discovery CRMs in human cells and sea urchin embryos and high-throughput spatial analysis of CRMs in sea urchin embryos.