Darcy Solutions significantly improves the financial attractiveness and operational feasibility of geothermal/groundsource heating and cooling, enabling commercial and residential building owners to meet increasingly challenging carbon emissions and energy efficiency goals while reducing their heating and cooling costs 60-70%.

With its proprietary hydrogeologic modeling insights, novel equipment, unique integrated HVAC designs, and AI-enabled operating system, Darcy overcomes the historical cost challenges currently limiting broad market adoption of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling technology. Heating and cooling related carbon emissions represent the next largest reduction opportunity after transportation and electricity generation and Darcy is working to deploy its technology throughout the built environment.

Website: www.darcysolutions.com

Brian Larson is cofounder and CEO of Darcy Solutions. He has 32 years of experience including Chevron, McKinsey & Co., and Cargill commercial executive leadership, including CEO of a renewable energy start-up, leadership of Joint Ventures/Alliances, Mergers & Acquisitions; Brian also led development and introduction of new products and services. His roles with Darcy include business development, sales and marketing.