Ohio State University

Eikonoklastes is advancing a new generation of tissue factor (TF) immunotherapies – therapeutics designed to target the cell surface receptor now known to be prevalent on key components of the tumor microenvironment. It has recently been discovered that certain pathological cells – but not healthy cells – including cancers with high unmet need and high mortality such as triple-negative breast cancer, ovarian cancer, metastatic melanoma, and a broad range of other solid tumors, express tissue factor on the surface of their cell membranes. Several other non-cancerous indications such as endometriosis also highly and selectively express tissue factor.


Bruce Halpryn is currently Cofounder, CEO and President of Eikonoklastes Therapeutics, Inc. Most recently Chief Operating Officer of Myonexus Therapeutics, Inc., a clinical stage company developing first ever gene therapies for Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy types 2D, 2B, 2E, 2L, and 2C. Clinical studies conducted at Nationwide Children’s Hospital showed impressive levels of gene expression leading Sarepta to early exercise of their warrant to purchase Myonexus. Sarepta recently announced significant functional improvements at 9 months post treatment, especially when compared to the continued decline in historical controls over the same period. Prior to Myonexus sale to Sarepta, contract manufacturing scale-up and process development contracts completed, orphan drug and rare pediatric disease classifications applied for and granted, and development and commercialization strategy completed. Bruce co-founded Myonexus Therapeutics after several years each at N8 Medical and Kinnear Pharmaceuticals as COO, 28 years at P&G Pharma, cardiovascular research in Antarctica, and studying cardiovascular effects of spaceflight for NASA. He held numerous leadership roles in P&G including: creation and leadership of Early Phase New Drug Development Department; leadership of regulatory affairs for Pharma’s EU subsidiaries; creation and leadership of Technical and IP Due Diligence; creation and leadership of Pharma’s New Business Development/Open Innovation process. Bruce played a key role in the evaluation and negotiation of all of P&G Pharma’s partnerships. He was key technical liaison to the VC community providing advice and identifying opportunities for P&G.