The University of Chicago

Esya is a precision diagnostics and drug discovery startup spun out of Dr. Yamuna Krishnan’s lab at the University of Chicago. The company is developing early, precise and cost-effective diagnostic tools for neurodegenerative diseases by combining patented DNA nanotechnology with artificial intelligence. Its 10 commercially available assays can be used to accelerate drug discovery for Lysosomal Storage Disorders and numerous neurocognitive impairments.


Dhivya Venkat, CEO, is a passionate entrepreneur with 15+ years experience in defining winning strategies and building high performance teams. Her consulting experience stretches 50+ countries and the range from startup to corporate. She worked alongside Accenture, Deloitte and world leading Financial firms.

Yamuna Krishnan, Chief Scientific Officer, is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of Chicago where she has pioneered the application of DNA nanotechnology to live cell imaging. She is also the youngest woman in history to win India’s highest scientific recognition, originated multiple patents and published across numerous peer-reviewed journals