NanoPattern Technologies

The University of Chicago

NanoPattern Technologies (NPT) is commercializing a quantum dot ink that enables the manufacturing of the next generation of energy efficient, bright, and fast refresh rate displays. Displays are everywhere. In our TVs, cars, phones, watches, augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR), and even in road signs. However, today’s displays are: 1) energy inefficient, resulting in high battery drain for your smartphone; 2) low brightness, limiting outdoor applications; and 3) low refresh rate, causing nausea when using AR/VR headsets. NPT is addressing all three unmet needs by commercializing a quantum dot ink. As a formulation company launched with the University of Chicago’s intellectual property in 2019, NPT has raised a total of $900k and has recently retired the key risks identified with the technology through over 300 customer interviews. NPT is now preparing to launch a seed round at the end of Q1 and is looking to begin conversations with investors interested in leading and forming a syndicate.

Dr. Yu Kambe is the Cofounder and CEO of NanoPattern Technologies. Yu received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University in 2013 and brings with him seven years of industry experience in device fabrication and electrochemistry. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering in 2019.

Professor Dmitri Talapin, Cofounder, is the Ernest DeWitt Burton Distinguished Service Professor at the University of Chicago Chemistry Department and is one of the inventors of the core technology that launched NanoPattern Technologies, Inc. Dmitri brings with him over 20 years of experience in the Quantum Dot and functional nanomaterials field.

Dr. Forrest Etheridge, Senior Scientist, is an experienced chemist with expertise in synthesis and application of semiconductor materials. He received his BA in chemistry with a minor in history from the College of Wooster in 2011. He earned his PhD in 2016 from the Department of Chemistry at Case Western Reserve University.

Dr. Danielle Chamberlin, Advisory Board Member, is an expert in optics and optoelectronics ranging from THz to the UV. Danielle has deep knowledge in the fields of LEDs and nanotechnology, having led down-converter R&D at Lumileds from 2009-2019. She is the recipient of numerous awards ranging from Best Senior Thesis at MIT to Illumineer of the Year in 2019. Danielle earned PhD and MS degrees in Materials Science from UC Berkeley and an S.B. Degree in Materials Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and holds 15 patents awarded and pending on topics ranging from biosensors to microLED fabrication.

Dr. Jonathan Steckel, Advisory Board Member, is the Director of Advanced Technology Intelligence at STMircoelectronics in Grenoble, France. Prior to this, he was a Lead Camera Core Technologist at Apple, Inc. Before joining Apple in mid-2014 he co-founded QD Vision, Inc. in 2005 and performed numerous Director roles, starting with Director of Chemistry, advancing to Director of Materials R&D and Manufacturing, and finally to Director of Research & Advanced Development. Under his technical leadership, QD Vision’s quantum dot materials were developed to enable the commercialization of the world’s first quantum dot enhanced LED light bulbs (Nexxus) in 2009 and the world’s first quantum dot containing TVs (Sony Bravia) in 2013. He graduated with high honors in Chemistry from Oberlin College in 2001 and was awarded the Harry N. Holmes Prize for excellence in Chemistry. Jonathan received his PhD in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006. He has over 70 papers, patents, and patent applications.