NuMiX Materials

Chain Reaction Innovations at Argonne National Laboratory

NUMiX Materials develops, produces, and deploys efficient, geomimetic materials for harvesting critical metals from nontraditional sources. Its products and process recover salable metals while purifying water, eliminating contamination, and reducing water treatment waste.


Katie Kollhoff, CEO and Cofounder (DeepTechU Presenter)

Katie Kollhoff is CEO and cofounder at NUMiX Materials. With degrees in chemical engineering and engineering management, her passion is tackling big, worthwhile problems to tangibly benefit people and the planet. She is currently an ORISE Fellow through the Chain Reaction Innovations program at Argonne National Lab. Katie has 15 years of experience with a range of industries, from specialty chemicals to major food processing to materials R&D. She has expertise in safety of chemical processes, with a focus on risk reduction, sustainability,waste minimization, operational simplicity, and business continuity.

Ian Wiese, CTO

Ian Wiese is the Chief Technology Officer at NUMiX Materials. He earned a Master of Engineering Management degree from Northwestern University in 2018 and also holds a bachelor’s degree in materials science and engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology with an additional concentration in mechanical engineering. Ian has 10 years of experience in metal manufacturing production environments as well as experience in research and development of novel metal alloys. Across his work experience, Ian has been responsible for creative sourcing of raw materials for metal alloy production, efficient recycling of scrap metal, and water management for metal production processes. At NUMiX, he leads material development, production, and deployment efforts.