Rutgers University

RenewCO2 developed an electrochemical process that converts CO2 to plastic precursors and other value-added chemicals conventionally produced from fossil resources. By turning CO2 from waste into a source of high-quality plastic, we are closing the carbon loop and accelerating nature’s carbon cycle from millions of years to a fraction of a second.

Our first product to market is a process for the conversion of CO2 to mono ethylene glycol (MEG), which is a critical component of polyester fabrics and PET plastics used in bottles and food containers. By incorporating our bolt-on solution, this chemical industry can become a net consumer of carbon dioxide rather than an emitter; transcending the goal of net zero production. Finally, RenewCO2’s technology promises these added advantages with no additional cost compared to that of conventional production; unlike that of current green products such as bio-MEG which typically cost 20-100% more than the conventional petrochemical product.


Dr. Anders B. Laursen, CEO, has nine years of experience in electrochemistry and renewable energy storage. His experience includes photoelectrochemical and electrochemical hydrogen evolution, catalyst synthesis and characterization as well as his background in chemical engineering. He also has authored 26 scientific papers and 4 patent applications before co-founding RenewCO2. RenewCO2 has been honored as the regional winners of the Cleantech Open Northeast Regional Finals in the 2020 cohort and featured by the American Chemical Society’s C&EN magazine as a 2020 startup to watch.

Karin Calvinho, CTO, completed her Ph.D. in Chemistry at Rutgers, where she designed catalysts for carbon dioxide conversion, receiving two awards for excellence in research. Dr. Calvinho is currently a fellow at Chain Reaction Innovations, an entrepreneurial program embedded at Argonne National Lab, where she’s leading a project to scale up the CO2-to-plastics technology.

Dr. Charles Dismukes, Chief Scientific Officer, has served as Distinguished Professor and Laboratory Director in the Rutgers Department of Chemistry since 2009, member of the executive committee of the Rutgers Institute for Advanced Materials and Device Nanotechnology since 2012, and representative to SOFI, the Solar Fuels Institute. Dr. Dismukes, an inorganic chemist and biophysicist with a distinguished track record in catalyst design and characterization. He has published 220 papers covering natural water splitting enzymes, organometallic catalysts for water oxidation, hydrogen evolution and CO2 fixation, and solid-state materials for electrocatalysis of these same reactions. He co-founded RenewCO2 in 2018 and serves as the scientific advisor.