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Synbiotic Health is developing the highest quality Synergistic Synbiotics mixtures of probiotics and prebiotics that modulate the microbiome to provide consistent health benefits, as supported by clinical evidence. With a strong dedicated foundation in science, we are creating the premium natural Synergistic Synbiotics branded ingredients for nutrition that can promote lifelong health and wellness. Synergistic Synbiotic ingredients are part of our iVE Synbiotics combinations. We call these "The Complete Synbiotic", the future of premium quality products for gut health. Based on in vitro scientific evidence, iVE Synbiotics are superior to other products in their potential to establish and support the growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut.

Website: www.synbiotichealth.com

Dr. Bob Hutkins, Scientific Founder, is a world-renowned expert on probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics, with 35 years' experience as an academic researcher. He has multiple published papers, multiple patents, has written a popular textbook on fermented foods, and is a board member for the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics.

Dr. Jens Walter, Scientific Founder, is an expert on gut microbiota and has spent 20 years studying microbiome ecology, with a focus on the gut environment, is a global leader in developing ecological strategies for modulating the gut microbiome and in translating this research into therapeutic and nutritional strategies, and has published 100+ scientific articles on gut health.

Dr. Andy Benson, Scientific Founder, is a current director of the Nebraska Food for Health Center, has spent 25 years as a gut health researcher, and has published important papers on genome evolution and gut-microbiome-host interactions.

Dr. Tom Burkey, Scientific Founder, is an expert on animal gut health with a 15-years of research focusing on interactions between nutrients, gut microbes and immunity in animal species.

Tim Brummels, President/CEO, has 30+ years of executive management experience and entrepreneurism. He has industry experience in founding and launching a company with a leading prebiotic branded ingredient, xylo-oligosaccharides, in the natural health market.

Dr. Zac Lewis, CSO, is an industry scientist with 15 years of microbiome experience. He has developed dozens of probiotic products, including formulas which are on the shelves of every major retailer and consumed by millions of consumers around the world. He holds a PhD in Microbiology from the University of California, Davis, and has expertise in DNA-based methods for evaluating gut microbial communities, dietary supplement regulations, and communicating science to non-experts.

Kevin Albertsen, EVP/CFO, has spent 30 years as a financial executive with results-oriented experience. Past roles include CFO, bank regulator, financial institution chief risk officer, and commercial bank owner/executive.